Lea Ceramiche

Lea Ceramiche can outfit your outdoor space, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living space with style and elegance. Their fundamental values are experimentation, design, research, technology, and quality, and they’ve been perfecting these values for over thirty years. Lea Cermiche has branched out beyond their Italian home and now markets their products to United States, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan; Lea Ceramiche has a strong presence in over 80 countries. In 2010, Lea Ceramiche opened its first showroom in the epicenter of design and visual innovation, Milan.

Lea Ceramiche strives for ceramic tile collections with strong personalities; their products are for those who want to make a statement! They are continually researching new products and evolving with continuous experimentation. This blending of products, research, and design provides our artists with the ability to use all tools at their disposal to create a tiled masterpiece for you. Slimtech is just one of Lea Ceramiches revolutionary products that have this finely tuned artistic appeal: it is just 3mm thick, and extra-sized at 1 x 3 meters. This means that Slimtech tiles can open new doors in the world of ceramics.

During each phase of the construction cycle at Lea Ceramiche, they monitor every process in order to trim energy expenditure and curb environmental destruction. You can feel proud to purchase products from Lea Ceramiche knowing that we are just as committed to environmental protection as you are.

You can find their products organized by the different styles they produce: rivestimenti, legni, superfici, lassiche, porfidi e slate, superfici contemporanee, and slimtech. Lea Ceramiche also has several different types of collections in order to further assist you in personalizing your space.

Take a look at the Athena collection if you are looking for an ideal wall or floor covering. This collection closely mimics the look of ancient marble, which makes it perfect for a neo-classical room. Or if its a little more Middle Ages youre looking for, browse the Stonehenge collection; with its stormy gray tones, this ceramic tile is perfect for floors and walls for that 12th century castle look.

Let Lea Ceramiche help you turn your room from blah to bellissimo!

To learn more about Lea Ceramiche, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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