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Catalfamo Gallery has a huge showroom of some of the most exquisite flooring products on the planet. We have all the flooring products you would expect from tile & stone, hardwood, luxury vinyl, cork and bamboo to luxury leather flooring and Robert Cavalli wall paper. We have all the brands you would expect and we also specialize in exclusive, exotic and rare flooring. One look at our expansive showroom and you will know you made the right choice for you new flooring.

We have design consultants on site to help you with all your flooring design needs. Our design consultants know what the hottest trending styles are along with knowledge of what is timeless and classic. We will be there with you for your entire project from concept to completion. Wether it’s a remodel of your kitchen or bathroom to whole house remodels we have everything you need to find the perfect floor. We are adding new collections to our expansive showroom weekly.

Come in and see whats new! When you come to visit us ask about our in-person and in the trade discounts.


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Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring


Because Being the Best isn’t Enough

On their pursuit toward perfection, Legno Bastone has culminated one of the finest collections of hardwood flooring the world has ever experienced. Renowned for wider widths and longer lengths, the Legno Bastone hardwood plank is a signature piece representing the merger of old-world traditions and modern-day technologies.

Founded in the late 1800s, this worldwide flooring manufacturer has remained family owned, now in its fifth-generation run by the Bastone family. Throughout three centuries, Legno Bastone has never once abandoned its age-old European traditions and craftsmanship, providing custom-tailored designs for architects, designers, and more. They approach each project as they did in the 1800s – one board at a time, one project at a time.


Flooring to Fit Castles and Homes

Because of Legno Bastone’s unique approach to customization and personalized flooring, they’ve been able to amass a vast line of hardwood options that is well suited for nearly any and every project, from castles to urban apartments or country homes.

Behind Every Work of Art is the Canvas

Artists have their canvas. Flooring manufacturers have their wood. Legno Bastone takes great care in choosing the wood that becomes their custom wood flooring. The wood they choose comes from the finest forests in all of Europe. The trees selected have been nurtured for generations, thus adhering toward Legno’s mission to minimally impact the environment.
The Bastone family has always been uncompromising with their demands regarding grains, knots, and structure. Only the finest logs are used to produce their masterpieces.

No One Finishes Quite Like Legno Bastone

As unique and breathtaking as their wide and long planks are, Legno Bastone is also revered for its unparalleled finishes, which help to evoke the essence of nature and style into any space. Their Tudor finishing process captures and pays homage to a European tradition long forgotten by others. Legno Bastone craftsmen apply indirect heat – by hand – to the wood, changing the graining of each board. This creates a natural, more resilient surface, and a grain as unique to each plank as a fingerprint is to each hand. No machine has ever, or can ever, duplicate the Tudor finishing process performed by Legno Bastone artisans. It is their attention to detail and commitment to personalized design that put them in a class of their own.

Don’t Wait to Get the Flooring You’ve Dreamed of

Unlike other types of mass-produced floors that you’re forced to compromise or settle with, Legno Bastone’s flooring is completely customized to every customer’s needs. As such, it takes anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks for your floors to be manufactured. However, Legno does have 8 products stocked and ready to ship in the United States.
Come into our showroom today to see our collection of Legno Bastone floors, and discover why they remain one of the most talked about and revered flooring manufacturers in the world.


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Your Laminate Flooring May Be Unsafe If Bought From Lumber Liquidators

Formaldehyde is a known cancer-causing chemical that can appear in laminate flooring products. Some levels of it are deemed acceptable and don’t pose health risks.

But that’s not the case with Chinese-made laminate flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators, as has been made known to the pubic thanks to a recent 60 Minutes report. With testing proving that some of its laminate flooring contained 20 times the level allowed to be sold in the state of California, Lumber Liquidators was illegally selling flooring that the state of California deemed dangerous. These levels were so high, in fact, that lab technicians questioned whether their machines were acting faulty.

They weren’t. The laminate from Lumber Liquidators really did (and does) contain that much formaldehyde.

It’s not just a California problem

California has a CARB2 standard that prohibits the sale of flooring containing a certain (and dangerous) level of formaldehyde. But that standard will soon be enacted on a national scale, once Congress enacts their Formaldehyde Standards Act later this year (which was modeled after CARB2).

Its existing CARB2 law is what helped bring to light this toxic issue with Lumber Liquidators, but as 60 Minutes discovered, the problem doesn’t just reside in the Golden State. Thirty-one boxes of Lumber Liquidators Chinese-made laminate flooring were purchased from stores in Florida, New York, Illinois, Texas and Virginia. Of the 31 tested for formaldehyde, only one was compliant with CARB2 standards, meaning the other 30 contained flooring that could be harmful to your health.

Thirty-one boxes may not seem like a lot, but consider how widespread Lumber Liquidators is: 360 stores in 46 states, with sales that exceed $1 billion. Hundreds of thousands of homes in the country contain these Chinese-made laminates right now, and these homeowners have no idea their health is at risk.

You can’t trust the label

The formaldehyde-high products are found only in Chinese-made flooring, not the flooring made in the US and sold by Lumber Liquidators. What 60 Minutes discovered is that workers from the 3 mills in China that supply this laminate knowingly mislabel their laminate as CARB2, despite the formaldehyde percentage exceeding the allotted amount.

Low-cost flooring is often-times low-cost for a reason

As Anderson Cooper reported, Lumber Liquidators can reduce its manufacturing costs from 10 – 15% by using a higher percentage of formaldehyde in its laminate flooring. For a multi-billion-dollar company, 10 – 15% equates to millions saved each year.

That millions saved also allows the company to offer customers a cheaper-priced product. But with that reduced cost comes increased health risks, including:

• Cancer
• Respiratory issues
• Eye, nose and throat irritation

Formaldehyde is often found in flooring, particularly in Chinese factories. It’s used in the glues that bind wood particles, which end up becoming the core board found within the laminate. Certain levels of formaldehyde are deemed not harmful, because the chemical is trapped within the laminate. But when the percentage of formaldehyde reaches a certain point, the air you breathe becomes toxic.

With levels as high as what was tested on Lumber Liquidators’ Chinese-made laminate flooring, there is reason to be concerned.

Be sure to find laminate flooring that’s affordable and safe

Lumber Liquidators is an attractive option for many homeowners out there because of its affordability. That’s why it rakes in billions of dollars in sales each year.

But that low price does come at a cost. Most other companies that use respectable and healthy manufacturing processes sell their flooring for more than Lumber Liquidators, and now you know why: Lumber Liquidators’ laminate flooring contains dangerous levels of formaldehyde, which saves them money in operational costs, but can cause you long-term health issues.

At Catalfamo Gallery, we take special care to ensure that the laminate flooring we offer to our customers is made safely and does not contain harmful levels of toxins that can cause health issues to you and your family. Visit our online inventory today to see all of your options for a safer, healthier, family-friendly laminate flooring that you can trust.

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Introducing Catalfamo Leather


Catalfamo_LeatherWhen you think of quality and luxury furniture, leather comes to mind. The same can be said about clothing, furniture, shoes, briefcases, purses and so much more. In other words, leather has long been considered one of the finest materials around, and is revered for its durability.

With all of its redeeming qualities, it seemed only natural that we introduce Catalfamo Leather Floor & Wall Tiles to our expansive gallery. Our custom leather tiles are made with resurgent cowhide, are vegetable tanned, and are finished with high-quality aqueous pigment, making them the finest and most resilient leather tiles available.

Call 954-990-0642 to speak with a flooring consultant today!


Our leather tiles have proven to be extremely versatile in both installation and use. They can be installed on any surface (including on walls, stairs, doors, and panels), and serve as the perfect complement to other materials including hardwood, marble, ceramic, metal and glass.

With an endless array of colors and texture to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect style to add to your project. There are few other products out there that offer the same type of natural look and feel, yet maintain their integrity over the years, as leather. Requiring easy installation and simple maintenance, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without leather floor tiles in your home.


Call 954-990-0642 to speak with a flooring consultant today!

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Introducing Handcrafted Chandra Rugs – Exclusive to Catalfamo Gallery

Behind each Chandra Rugs masterpiece are skilled artisans –  not machines – handcrafting a work of art that is as functional as it is beautiful. Founded by Chandra Tiwari, the legacy of Chandra Rugs remains within the Tiwari family, with sons Ravi and Shashi joining their father to further the impact of this legendary rug maker.

Modern. Authentic. Style.

The handcrafted origin of each Chandra rug caters to consumers looking for not only luxurious style, but comfort as well. Unlike machine-made rugs, Chandra Rugs are woven by generations of skilled artisans. This guarantees that each final product is a work of art that’s flawless, unique, and superbly comfortable. Innovation, imagination and ingenuity guide each artisan as they weave their masterpiece.

Designer Rugs

Chandra Rugs features designers and designs of varying backgrounds and tastes, all of whom contribute something unique that has never been seen in rugs.

  • Alfred Shaheen – Shaheen’s designs venture toward natural patterns and colors.
  • Avaisa – The Avaisa collection focuses on rounded and spherical shaped patterns, a more modern approach to rug design.
  • Counterfeit – Counterfeit features some of the richest and most complex designs you’ll find in a rug.
  • Inhabit – Inhabit breathes new life into the typical repeated pattern found in rugs.
  • Thomaspaul – While the unique patterns alone are enough to catch your eye, it’s the Thomaspaul choice in color palettes for each rug that will leave you breathless.
  • Amy Butler – The Amy Butler collection demonstrates many influences, but tends to focus on softer colors, including blues and greens.
  • Jessica Swift – The Jessica Swift collection has the remarkable ability to mimic hand drawn sketch work within the confines of a rug.
  • Parson Gray – The Parson Gray collection isn’t just artwork. The patterns often appear to create mazes and other worlds, adding depth to any room.

Beyond designer rugs

While many consumers flock toward the unique elegance of the designer rugs offered by Chandra Rugs, there are other options as well, including their vast array of pattern and textured rugs. In fact, their inventory of rugs is so vast and varied, that there’s certainly the perfectly styled rug to suit your needs.

Chandra Rugs equals excellence, which is why we’re proud to offer them at Catalfamo

At Catalfamo Gallery, we remain committed to providing our customers with products that are crafted with precision, expertise, and artistry. We don’t aim to offer products suitable to just one target audience. Our goal is to offer a rich and complete array of products that cater to people of all wants and needs. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Chandra Rugs. It’s difficult to find such a high quality rug that not only adheres to the beauty and style we believe in, but also is versatile and durable. But that’s exactly what we discovered in Chandra Rugs, and we’re sure you’ll discover it too.

We encourage you to stop by our showroom today to view our exclusive Chandra Rugs.

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Introducing Liquid Glass – Recycled Glass Tiles, A Catalfamo Exclusive

Although the popularity of recycled flooring has moved to the forefront of our industry, that doesn’t mean that consumers should have to sacrifice beauty. That’s exactly what Catalfamo Gallery thought of when we decided to exclusively offer Liquid Glass, a new type of artisan glass by

Liquid Glass is the only glass flooring product on the market made out of 100% recycled glass. And as much as that, alone, is an attractive feature for consumers, it’s the depth and beauty of Liquid Glass that has made it a tile product unlike anything else on the market.

Capture the essence of natural water in your home

Imagine a liquid floor you can actually walk on. That’s exactly the appearance that Liquid Glass delivers, thanks to the brilliance in sparkles, reflections and hues. Handmade in Mexico, and stocked in Miami, Liquid Glass is ideal for pools, fountains, and any wet application, although its versatility makes it a viable tile solution for other applications as well, including for floor use in light commercial applications.

Like all other flooring products we proudly offer in our catalog, Liquid Glass is as breathtaking as it is functional.

Liquid Glass Specs

  • 3.5 x 14 in clear finish
  • 7 x 14 in clear and frosted finish
  • 3 sizes of mosaics
  • .5 x 14 liner

The environmental benefits of recycled glass

It’s easy to see the term “recycled’ and assume that it’s being used simply as a marketing ploy to attract environmentally conscious consumers. But when it comes to recycled glass, the earth really does benefit.

By using recycled glass, less space is used up in landfills, air pollution is reduced by 20%, and water pollution is reduced by up to 50%. Making recycled glass consumes up to 40% less ener-gy than making new glass, because cullet (crushed glass) melts at a much lower temperature. For every ton of glass that’s recycled, more than a ton of raw materials are saved (including sand, soda, ash, and limestone).

In other words, the term “recycled glass” isn’t a buzzword at all. By using recycled materials, Liquid Glass is truly one of the most earth-friendly glass tiles around.

Nowhere else will you find this type of beauty and art-work in a recycled tile

Catalfamo Gallery is the exclusive distributor of Liquid Glass by As a leading pro-vider of online flooring solutions since 1979, we work hard to bring to our customers the most popular, exotic, and luxury brands in the market. Liquid Glass lives up to high demands for quality and beauty, which is why we’re excited to bring it to you. Please stop by our showroom to see our selection of Liquid Glass tiles.

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Pure Genius Flooring by Lauzon

Lauzon Pure Genius Flooring – Flooring That Cleans Your Air – Seriously

Lauzon_logoClose your eyes and say the words “Smart Home.” What comes to mind? Probably a fridge that tells you when you need milk, or voice controlled lighting, TV and window shades. But does your vision of a smart home ever factor in the floor?

It should.

Lauzon Flooring – no stranger to innovative flooring approaches, has introduced to North America something never seen before – a smart hardwood flooring that actually improves indoor air quality (all while making any space far more beautiful). Pure Genius, as it’s called, is a special coating that transforms your floor into a smart floor.

How can a floor be a smart floor?

By now, savvy consumers have grown wary of several terms du jour, like “organic” or “smart.” They want proof that the product is as it’s marketed to be. So how does Pure Genius actually demonstrate its “Smart”-ness?

The specially coated floor is activated by light (either natural or artificial), and breaks down airborne toxins, and as a result creates pure air in your home. Independent studies have proven that the air inside a home featuring Pure Genius is up to 85% cleaner than the air of a home without Pure Genius. Cigarette smoke, pet urine, and lingering cooking smells are all reduced thanks to this latest innovation.

The smart floor uses a patented titanium dioxide technology to decompose bacteria, viruses and molds, and transforms toxic airborne particles into water and carbon dioxide molecules.

Pure Genius for a healthier living space

At this very moment, without you realizing it, every day and objects in your home – like counters and furniture – are likely emitting toxic contaminants into your home. In most homes, little is done to combat these toxins, despite the effects they can have on the health of our loved ones and ourselves.

But installing Pure Genius flooring is the equivalent of planting three trees in your home, because of the type of air purification this innovation provides. By providing a consistent flow of circulated air – activated by light – your home’s air quality will improve drastically, without your having to do anything at all.

Pure Genius’s air purification effects reduce the symptoms of respiratory problems, reduces potential carcinogens, decomposes bacteria, viruses and molds, minimizes odors and, in short, improves the air quality of your home by up to 85%.

But is a smart floor a good floor?

The very idea of flooring that improves your air quality is alluring, surely. But what good’s a smart floor if it doesn’t look – or function – the way you want it to? But because Pure Genius was designed by Lauzon, quality and beauty were at the forefront of the creation. The Pure Genius special coating can be added to almost any Lauzon flooring line, and doesn’t degrade over time. Pure Genius is a built-in feature in the manufacturer’s new Authentik oak flooring and Organik maple flooring series, but is also available as an option on all Lauzon Ambiance Collection products, as well as in many products in the Designer Collection line.

Each of these flooring collections boast beauty and brawn. And, in fact, Pure Genius does more than make your air cleaner – it also helps keep your floor cleaner too, thinks to its ability to disperse hardwood cleaners more effectively than other floors.

For more information call one of our design consultants at: 1-800-764-1633

More about Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring

Lauzon is based in Quebec, Canada, and is one of the leading hardwood manufacturers in all of North America. They are among the forefront of environmentally sustainable flooring, including managing a forest larger than Connecticut, and employing manufacturing methods that allow for zero waste. Their unique sawmill concept uses more of every tree than most manufacturers, meaning the company doesn’t have to cut down as many trees. Ever since 1995, the company has converted its wood residue into recycled energy.

Lauzon was founded in 1985 by David Lauzon, and since then has found new and exciting ways to reimagine flooring. In 1999, the NextStep Collection changed the flooring landscape by combining the beauty of solid-sawn hardwood with a specific milling process that ensured maximum durability.

In 2002, Lauzon did it again, by being the first to offer a treatment that slowed the yellowing process of wood floors. Just three years later, the company launched Titanium Traffic, a superior finish designed for light commercial use. Then, in 2007, after a $50,000,000 investment that converted the company’s Thurso sawmill into a hybrid facility, Lauzon was able to cut each log based on the finished product required by its customers.

And now, in 2014, Pure Finish has come to light to create the smartest wood flooring on the planet, that just happens to be tied to the beautiful Lauzon collections.

For more information call one of our design consultants at: 1-800-764-1633

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