Introducing Handcrafted Chandra Rugs – Exclusive to Catalfamo Gallery

Behind each Chandra Rugs masterpiece are skilled artisans –  not machines – handcrafting a work of art that is as functional as it is beautiful. Founded by Chandra Tiwari, the legacy of Chandra Rugs remains within the Tiwari family, with sons Ravi and Shashi joining their father to further the impact of this legendary rug maker.

Modern. Authentic. Style.

The handcrafted origin of each Chandra rug caters to consumers looking for not only luxurious style, but comfort as well. Unlike machine-made rugs, Chandra Rugs are woven by generations of skilled artisans. This guarantees that each final product is a work of art that’s flawless, unique, and superbly comfortable. Innovation, imagination and ingenuity guide each artisan as they weave their masterpiece.

Designer Rugs

Chandra Rugs features designers and designs of varying backgrounds and tastes, all of whom contribute something unique that has never been seen in rugs.

  • Alfred Shaheen – Shaheen’s designs venture toward natural patterns and colors.
  • Avaisa – The Avaisa collection focuses on rounded and spherical shaped patterns, a more modern approach to rug design.
  • Counterfeit – Counterfeit features some of the richest and most complex designs you’ll find in a rug.
  • Inhabit – Inhabit breathes new life into the typical repeated pattern found in rugs.
  • Thomaspaul – While the unique patterns alone are enough to catch your eye, it’s the Thomaspaul choice in color palettes for each rug that will leave you breathless.
  • Amy Butler – The Amy Butler collection demonstrates many influences, but tends to focus on softer colors, including blues and greens.
  • Jessica Swift – The Jessica Swift collection has the remarkable ability to mimic hand drawn sketch work within the confines of a rug.
  • Parson Gray – The Parson Gray collection isn’t just artwork. The patterns often appear to create mazes and other worlds, adding depth to any room.

Beyond designer rugs

While many consumers flock toward the unique elegance of the designer rugs offered by Chandra Rugs, there are other options as well, including their vast array of pattern and textured rugs. In fact, their inventory of rugs is so vast and varied, that there’s certainly the perfectly styled rug to suit your needs.

Chandra Rugs equals excellence, which is why we’re proud to offer them at Catalfamo

At Catalfamo Gallery, we remain committed to providing our customers with products that are crafted with precision, expertise, and artistry. We don’t aim to offer products suitable to just one target audience. Our goal is to offer a rich and complete array of products that cater to people of all wants and needs. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Chandra Rugs. It’s difficult to find such a high quality rug that not only adheres to the beauty and style we believe in, but also is versatile and durable. But that’s exactly what we discovered in Chandra Rugs, and we’re sure you’ll discover it too.

We encourage you to stop by our showroom today to view our exclusive Chandra Rugs.

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