Introducing Liquid Glass – Recycled Glass Tiles, A Catalfamo Exclusive

Although the popularity of recycled flooring has moved to the forefront of our industry, that doesn’t mean that consumers should have to sacrifice beauty. That’s exactly what Catalfamo Gallery thought of when we decided to exclusively offer Liquid Glass, a new type of artisan glass by

Liquid Glass is the only glass flooring product on the market made out of 100% recycled glass. And as much as that, alone, is an attractive feature for consumers, it’s the depth and beauty of Liquid Glass that has made it a tile product unlike anything else on the market.

Capture the essence of natural water in your home

Imagine a liquid floor you can actually walk on. That’s exactly the appearance that Liquid Glass delivers, thanks to the brilliance in sparkles, reflections and hues. Handmade in Mexico, and stocked in Miami, Liquid Glass is ideal for pools, fountains, and any wet application, although its versatility makes it a viable tile solution for other applications as well, including for floor use in light commercial applications.

Like all other flooring products we proudly offer in our catalog, Liquid Glass is as breathtaking as it is functional.

Liquid Glass Specs

  • 3.5 x 14 in clear finish
  • 7 x 14 in clear and frosted finish
  • 3 sizes of mosaics
  • .5 x 14 liner

The environmental benefits of recycled glass

It’s easy to see the term “recycled’ and assume that it’s being used simply as a marketing ploy to attract environmentally conscious consumers. But when it comes to recycled glass, the earth really does benefit.

By using recycled glass, less space is used up in landfills, air pollution is reduced by 20%, and water pollution is reduced by up to 50%. Making recycled glass consumes up to 40% less ener-gy than making new glass, because cullet (crushed glass) melts at a much lower temperature. For every ton of glass that’s recycled, more than a ton of raw materials are saved (including sand, soda, ash, and limestone).

In other words, the term “recycled glass” isn’t a buzzword at all. By using recycled materials, Liquid Glass is truly one of the most earth-friendly glass tiles around.

Nowhere else will you find this type of beauty and art-work in a recycled tile

Catalfamo Gallery is the exclusive distributor of Liquid Glass by As a leading pro-vider of online flooring solutions since 1979, we work hard to bring to our customers the most popular, exotic, and luxury brands in the market. Liquid Glass lives up to high demands for quality and beauty, which is why we’re excited to bring it to you. Please stop by our showroom to see our selection of Liquid Glass tiles.

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