Forest Accents Bamboo Flooring

For a unique, international flair to your home’s design palette, check out Forest Accents Bamboo Flooring. These exotic floors are created from wood that is selectively harvested from bamboo forests in Southern China, the western regions of Africa, the tropical areas in Northern Brazil, and other geographic areas that are well known for the beauty and quality of their hardwoods.

Forest Accents offers bamboo flooring is part of their engineered wood flooring line, which affords you the flexibility to glue down directly over concrete, or staple down over existing plywood subfloors.

When you install a Forest Accents bamboo flooring, you can be sure that it is a good investment for your home, because it adds beauty and value. Caring for a Forest Accents Bamboo Flooring product is easy, as the floors are low-maintenance.

Forest Accents Bamboo Flooring comes in an array of different colors to suit every taste. Horizontal Carbonized comes in a matte finished, with a carbonized color. It is steamed a warm, brown color with compressed large-width bamboo strips which makes for a distinguished, natural decor. Horizontal Natural also comes in a matte finish, with a natural color. You can find this flooring in light natural-colored bamboo with compressed large width bamboo strips ultimately providing a clean and natural contemporary décor – a must-have in any modern home.

Stranded Carbonized is a matte finished flooring that is carbonized in color; this floor is strand-woven (which not only looks like real wood floors, but also twice as hard as regular bamboo due to their manufacturing process. This is a perfect choice for high traffic or commercial applications. Stranded Natural carries a matte finish and is a natural color.

Vertical Carbonized has a matte finish with a carbonized color. You will find that this floor has a warm, rich brown color with compressed thin width bamboo strips. Vertical Natural has a matte finish and a natural color, making it perfect for modern interiors.

To learn more about Forest Accents Bamboo Flooring, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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