Exotic Hardwood Flooring: Amendoim

Looking to add a rare, exotic wood species with a pinkish red color to your home? Then you may want to consider Amendoim. It is not an endangered, but this South American tree, (grown primarily in Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil) can be difficult to find. The rich color and  limited availability makes Amendoim a higher-end, exotic species for flooring that will surely “wow” those who walk upon it.

Unlike most other South American species, Amendoim does not darken in color over time. This flooring naturally showcases a pinkish red finish that brings an elegant beauty to any room. Applying lacquer or oil-based finishes can deepen its color over time  to help preserve its rich pinkish red color.

Amendoim is rarer than many other Brazilian wood species harvested today. It weighs about 3 pounds per square foot, with a Janka hardness of 1,912, making it a very heavy and durable product. Amendoim resists heavy traffic, dings and dents very well. This sturdy exotic species remains fairly easy to install when using either hand or power tools, as it glues and nails with ease. Unlike some exotics, Amendoim is an agreeable wood that polishes and stain with an attractive finish.

The most difficult aspect of working with this pinkish exotic is its limited availability. Those wishing to install Amendoim in the United States will most likely have to settle with standard, pre-milled lengths and widths. Typically Amendoim is imported in bundles measuring 7-feet long and widths of 2¼” and 5″. Due to South American localities trying to support their local economies with milling factories, it is very difficult to obtain the lumber of Amendoim in this country. While Amendoim lumber can be imported, it will cost almost double.

Amendoim an attractive flooring option. The dense nature of this species, its finish versatility and installation flexibility make it a perfect fit for any space needing elegant durability.

To learn more about Amendoim hardwoods, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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