Versini Hardwood Floors

If you want a flooring product that comes from a strong dedication to design and to environmental conservation, take a hard look at Versini Hardwood Floors. Versini Hardwood Floors is a subsidiary of Fine Furniture Ltd., and carries the same focus on quality design as its parent company is known for.

Veteran artisans carefully select and design their expansive collection of wood flooring styles. Versini Hardwood Floors are crafted through only the highest precision in wood milling and fine Italian finishing.

If you are eco-minded and concerned about the environment, you share the same mindset as Versini Hardwood Floors. This forward-thinking company is at the forefront of the “Green Movement” and produces more flooring from rapidly renewable and recycled material sources than any other hardwood flooring manufacturer.

When selecting your hardwood flooring style, you can choose from either a domestic or exotic species, and your options include the traditional strip and wide plank. You can also choose such unique options as hand-inlaid borders, decorative patterns, and their newest commercial-grade acrylic infused hardwood floors.

In addition to getting a good, quality product from a company that is environmentally conscious, you can also rest assured that you will only be getting the finest in customer service. Only the best flooring distributors are chosen to sell Versini products, as the company realizes that these retailers are an extension of the brand itself and therefore, be ones that are trustworthy.

Engineered hardwood flooring yield up to three times more square feet of floor covering per tree harvested when compared to traditional hardwood flooring. When you buy a hardwood floor from Versini Hardwood Floors, you are purchasing a floor that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. This means that several generations of old-growth forests will mature in the time that it takes to replace a Versini Hardwood Floor.

Versini Hardwood Floors’ forest footprint is up to 10 times less than other manufacturers of engineered wood flooring; they use 83 – 100% recycled hardwood or rapidly renewable hardwood, and this translates into far fewer old-growth trees harvested per square foot of flooring produced. Eco-minded consumers, take note.

To learn more about Versini Hardwood Floors, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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