African Safari Woodfloors

For a fresh, new look in your home or office, you will want to consider a hardwood flooring that is durable and beautiful, like African Safari Woodfloors. One type of flooring to consider when making your selection is African Safari Woodfloors. This flooring is durable and low maintenance – what more can any homeowner want? When you choose African Safari wood flooring, you are making a unique statement about your room.

There are a myriad of color choices available for the choosy consumer. For those of you who have lighter furniture pieces in your home, you may want to select your African Safari wood flooring in a beautiful Mochawood to play off the lighter tones.

If you have heavier furniture pieces and want to lighten up the mood of the room, check into the African Cedarwood or African Zebrawood to visually open up the room and bring a sense of relief to an otherwise dark room.

With this unique and exciting exotic hardwood, your room will definitely be the center of conversation whenever you have guests over. You will want glass coffee tables and to go rug-less just to allow the beauty of African Safari wood flooring to be seen at all times. The sun’s effect on this marvelous flooring is also one that will make you hold your breath. As this wood was raised in the heart of Africa, it embraces the sun’s light like a lost lover.

One typical buying option for African Safari Woodfloors is one box that covers 26.910 square feet, and weighs 48 pounds. Each plank is 0.500 inches thick, and will feature an Aluminum Oxide finish.

This wood will come with a smooth surface, ready to be worked. The edge type of these planks is micro-beveled, with a micro-beveled end type as well. That means you can have little grooves between each plank.

African Safari Woodfloors has a brown color to it, and is of the Wenge species. African Safari wood flooring also has a Janka hardness rating of 1630. To compare, white oak registers at 1360 and North American maple registers at 1450. You can either glue down the planks or install them with staples – the choice is up to you. And the beauty is yours for a lifetime.

To learn more about African Safari Woodfloors, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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