Beautiful Green Floors

Nowadays, a lot of people care about the environment. They have found that it is important to care about new growth and expansion of the plant kingdom and our animal kingdom brothers & sisters. You can see efforts to reduce the amount of plastic that is being used in grocery stores by shoppers bringing their own reusable bags – there are even different designs you can choose from in order to make your own personal design statement.

Other folks are making a concerted effort to recycle glass, paper, aluminum, and plastics at home. Many cities are even getting in on the act, offering free recycling programs to residents. You can also find many compost piles in homeowners’ yards. This compose is then put to good use in home gardens, with many consumers choosing fresh ingredients from right outside their doors – whether it’s in a home garden or bought from the local farmer’s market.

Perhaps you want to do more for the environment. Have you been fortunate in life and want to somehow give back? Ensure that you are making the most environmentally friendly choice when it comes to decorating your domicile? Then you will definitely want to investigate green flooring options.

Green floors are both environmentally friendly and exquisitely beautiful in their own right. For those consumers who are choosy about what goes into their homes, green flooring is an excellent option that will have all visitors marveling at the beauty underfoot.

Cork flooring and bamboo flooring are both environmentally-friendly products that can be used residentially; both choices are functional, durable, and utterly renewable. Cork can be used where ever you desire a soundproof floor, such as in a basement or on a stairwell.

Bamboo flooring can take on the look of hardwood, so you may want to consider using this elegant flooring option in rooms such as a sitting room, living room, or dining room. Bamboo plants can be harvested about every five years and need no replanting. Cork is harvested from the cork tree’s thick bark, and this does not hurt the tree; it simply re-grows its bark, which allows for re-harvesting in another ten years.

If you want to make a statement in your home while still being mindful of the environment, choose green flooring – a statement in itself.

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