Bizassa Mosaico Glass Tile

Bizassa is an Italian glass tile designer. Their elegant galleries include a vast array of modern mosaics, from eight-foot tiled tattoos to elegant showroom floors sculpted in multi-colored glass aggregate.

From Bizassa’s perspective, glass tile can and should adorn any application, whether walls or floors, in shops and homes and galleries. The patterns that Bizassa achieves in these locations is nothing short of artistic. Detailed patterns of flowers cover a living room, while white jolly roger icons on a blue tile background decorate a child’s room. The company seems particularly proud of its extremely bold shapes and patterns, like the black and white bubbles and stripes designed for formal living spaces or offices for work.

Their Metron Collection of glass aggregate seems to be the most subtle, with mostly solid colors, while the Decorations and Codex/Logos Collections in the Glass Tiles section are quite bold, with a striking array of bright patterns in high contrast and high gloss.

The Home Section of Bizassa’s online gallery encompasses quite a large number of decorative items, including tables, chairs, and accent pieces. There is an entire set of organically shaped coffee tables, of course covered in glass tile, but done in whimsical and fantastic colors. Also available are lamps, chandeliers, and even the bust of Antonio Canova to set off the room. (And, really, who hasn’t wanted one of those?)

Folding screens and room-separating panels are also for sale from Bizassa, adorned in the same style of exquisite mosaic tile patterning. The most striking thing about this selection of panels is the beautiful figures that are represented in the mosaic art work. There are classic poses of Adonis and Venus, the Cupid, and Vestale. Also available to grace your walls are the likenesses of Napoleon Bonaparte, Paride, and Endimione.

Bizassa does it all. Walls, floors, decorations, lamps and chandeliers, home furnishings, and corporate installations. But they don’t use wood and paint, they use glass tile. And above all of the other things, they concentrate on mosaic artistry that is truly inspiring. From a perfectly represented portrait of Cupid or Napoleon to the tiniest starry night pattern for a guest bedroom, Bizassa tile has you covered. In gorgeous European glass tile.

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