Raffi Glass Tile

Glass tile can bring a vibrant, dazzling look to any space. It comes in a huge variety of styles, colors, and textures. Raffi Glass is a premier manufacturer of glass tiling and would be a great place to start searching for your perfect look.

Glass tiles are basically installed in a similar way to ceramic or porcelain tiles, but because of their delicate nature and cutting requirements, it’s probably better to leave any major glass tile job to experts. They are “glued” to the backerboard with either mastic or thinset mortar and grouted. (Make certain you select the proper underlayment for the specific area in which you are installing the tiles. Moisture can kill a nice installation from the get-go.)

Raffi glass tiles come in individual tiles or small tiles attached to a mesh backing. The mesh squares make installation much faster — no having to place hundreds of individual tiny tiles, but you can install in groups that can be size of standard tile. You can install glass to accent a pattern of ceramic tile floors for a unique, exciting look — there are floor-grade glass tiles, and you can do a whole floor in glass, but for the floor, glass is often an accent, and wow, can it make a statement! You can mix and match the different colors and styles to come up with a look that’s all you.

Care and maintenance is not as easy as that for ceramic tiles or vinyl, but you can decide if the look you want is worth it. Glass shows fingerprints and smudges more readily than other flooring alternatives (think about how many times you have to clean your glasses to keep them shiny and reflective), and you should try not to allow people to walk on it with bare feet. But for counters and walls that don’t see much contact, glass can be a gorgeous addition to your décor. Glass reflects light like no other product, so your rooms seem larger and brighter.

Do some additional research on glass if you’re thinking of installing it as flooring, but if you do, be sure and take a look at Raffi for your materials. The beauty and uniqueness of their designs will surely win you over!

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