Dune Tile

Tile can make an ordinary room look dazzling. It’s easy to install, and you can find glazed ceramic, stone, or glass tiles that can fit most budgets. The only trouble is, how do you pick with so many styles, colors, and textures to choose from!

Dune doesn’t make that any easier by offering a huge array of tiles to choose from. Whether it’s for your bathroom or kitchen or breakfast nook, Dune’s ceramics can fill the spaces for you. The thing about Dune also is their versatility: they have everything from natural stone, to ceramic, to glass. And they don’t just provide your run-of-the-mill tan look. There are vibrant reds and yellows oranges and blues. Their ceramic borders really make a statement as well. You can mix and match the different styles and put together a look all your own.

Most tiles are easy to install for the do-it-yourselfer. If you are laying tile for flooring, you just need to make sure the subfloor is level and free of any dirt and debris and then apply thinset, and lay the tiles in the order and direction you have in your layout according to your product’s specifications.

If you are applying the tile to the wall as a backsplash or in a shower, make sure you have the appropriate underlayment in place, such greenboard sheetrock for backsplashes or cementitious ceramic tile backerboards for shower walls. Apply with thinset mortar or mastic (check your exact product installation guidelines to make this decision) in the pattern you have created or chosen.

Apply both types of adhesives with a notch trowel, making sure to back-butter your wall tiles to get a sure hold. Glass tiles are installed in a similar fashion. You just have to make certain any air pockets that might get between the glass tiles and the wall are eliminated because with transparency in some glass tiles, you might be able to see imperfections like that. The next step is to grout. Again, consult with your supplier and documentation for your particular product to see what kind of grout is recommended and follow directions on the grout packaging.

Take a few minutes and check out Dune’s selections online — you’ll be delightfully overwhelmed — and get to work designing your project with your own personal style.

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