Terra Verre Tile

There’s a beauty and richness that natural stone and glass tile bring to a space. Your home or office is a direct reflection of you, so you want it to be something to be proud of. Terra Verre tile and stone products can help you do just that.

Terra Verre is a supplier of top quality ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles as well as natural stone floor and wall coverings. You can bring the qualities of nature into your home with these products as well as maybe bring some “bling” to a room that needs a pick-me-up.

Tiles and tiling squares (which are basically smaller portions of the stone, glass, or ceramic/porcelain products that are formed together and glued to a mesh backing) come in several different collections. They are installed as most ceramic tiles are installed — using thinset mortar or mastic over a clean surface that has the appropriate underlayment in place. The tiles or stone should then be grouted to give the final look. Be sure and consult your product’s specific installation and care guidelines to make sure you are selecting the right installation and maintenance products for your tiles.

Most of Terra Verre’s products are the smaller look — tiny glass or stone squares and accent pieces. They are often used for backsplashes in kitchens, bathroom and kitchen counters, and flooring as well. The different styles and types of materials used give you a range of “feels.” You can go with natural looking tile and stone or go crazy with some vibrant reds or purples or blues and yellows. You can choose a mix of products to create a look that represents you well and that will stay looking beautiful for years to come. Terra Verre’s design team has taken the mantle of furnishing excellence and has brought some amazing designs that will tantalize you.

Whether it’s the bright, reflective look of glass or the muted, solid look of porcelain stone, Terra Verre is your source for unparalleled quality. You put yourself in their hands, and your space look better than you even imagined.

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