Ellen Blakeley Glass Tile

You’ve never seen anything quite like Ellen Blakeley glass tile. If you have a project—a shower, a backsplash, a wall, a countertop (the list goes on and on)—and you want a truly unique, dazzling look, then you must check out Ellen Blakeley. She has created the perfect blend of individuality, versatility, and striking beauty, along with environmental responsibility in her products and artwork.

The story goes that Ellen was cleaning up some vandalism in her neighborhood one day, which happened to be some shattered glass that had been shot out of a bus shelter. Inspiration hit, and she began to experiment with tempered glass. Its transparency made it the perfect medium for unending variations of colors and designs in the mosaic style.

But Ellen Blakeley has taken mosaic to the next level. With a combination of pigments and grouting, as well as the use of ordinary objects, such as lace and leaves and paper, fused with epoxy resin, she has created a unique and vibrant line of glass tile that can be used in a million different applications. It isn’t just tile, it’s art.

And responsible art, at that. The primary resource for Ellen Blakeley’s glass products is recycled tempered glass obtained from commercial glass companies’ waste materials. Someone else’s trash and all. This recycled glass is deliberately broken into fragments and used, along with different paints and grout, to create glass tiling (among other things). Ellen uses low-VOC paints and water-based grout in her made-to-order products, which is good for the environment as well as for keeping indoor emissions low.

One of the collections Ellen Blakeley offers is Winter Whites, a line of tile whose glass has had all the green pigment removed, resulting in spectacularly bright white mosaics. Add a touch of gold accent, and the effect is amazing. Also available is the Elements collection, which as its name implies is inspired by the elements of the earth—air, water, fire, and earth, with metal and “after dark” added to the mix. These are just two of the collections. Take a look at Ellen’s work, and see for yourself…and maybe add a touch of dazzle to your next project.

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