Villi Glas – Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can bring a dimension of light and depth to a wall or floor like nothing else can. Your brain doesn’t necessarily jump to glass when you’re brainstorming about flooring, but glass tiling can bring a whimsical or luxurious feel to your floor when used to complement other types of tile flooring. It can even be used in some spaces as the complete floor. And of course, glass tile is perfect for outdoor use around pools and spas as well as for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls.

Villi Glas, a premier manufacturer of glass tiles and mosaics, sets the bar for quality glass tile flooring products. Not only are Villi’s glass selections beautiful, but they are also durable and reliable.

Villi GlasA metallic coating is fused to Villi’s glass, which protects the tiles from corrosion, scratches, and color bleed and is one of the reasons Villi Glas tiles can be used indoor or outdoor and for flooring. The reverse side of the tiles are also given a coating, a white layer that gives the back of the glass tiles a rough surface that makes them adhere better to the surface they are attached to, as well as keeps a clean, precise look when you look through the glass. The tiles are also available with a choice of surfaces, from glossy to mat to fossilized, as well as a skid resistant.

What really makes Villi’s glass stand out is their innovation in style and beauty. They have standard tiles in several different sizes, but they also have created mosaic style tiles on mesh backing that are incomparable, some of which are reminiscent of river stone in glass form…gorgeous.

Glass tile from Villi GlasFrom muted, pastel hues to vibrant colors and metallics, the colors you can choose from are incredible. They also have some stunning glass tiles called Décor that have designs fused to the top of the glass—filigree, relief, and geometric designs. They even have a Spectral glass line that has a patented coating that oxidizes surface dirt, causing it to disappear. It’s actually self-cleaning!

So if glass tile is something you are considering for your next project, be sure to consider Villi Glas. You won’t be disappointed.


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