Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring

If you’ve ever looked down at your carpets and thought “I wish I had hardwoods,” it may not be a bad move to make. According to Realtors, hardwood flooring throughout a house makes it a much more marketable choice. But even if you’re not looking to sell, it’s a good move for the value and longevity it provides your home. Not to mention the beauty and luxury you can enjoy.

Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring is a company committed to quality that you should definitely consider if you decide to go for the gold…golden oak, that is. But golden oak is by far not the only choice for your new floor.

In 2010, Lauzon celebrated 25 years of business, and there’s a reason for that longevity. Lauzon prides itself on its customer satisfaction focus as well as an amazing selection of colors, patterns, and textures that our natural world has put in our hands. This great company not only provides quality products and warranties, but it also carries the torch of environmental responsibility by having FSC-certification on a selection of their maple solid hardwood products, which means Lauzon’s production processes meets strict requirements for using raw materials from responsibly managed forests as well as recycled sources. Quite a nice stamp of environmental approval. Lauzon also uses eco-friendly finishes that contain no VOCs, solvents, or formaldehyde agents.

In addition to environmental quality practices, if you select a Lauzon engineered hardwood flooring product, you are getting the absolute best. Lauzon uses a process of dry solid saw milling, which differs from how many other manufactures handle their engineered products. It provides for a more natural look to the finished product as well as allows the floor to be resurfaced in the future if needed.

Lauzon also provides your classic, traditional solid hardwood flooring as well. All Lauzon’s products are coated with a unique, ultra-strong Polynium + with Titanium Traffic finish with Ultra-Fresh. Lauzon’s amazing finish is a step ahead of the more traditional aluminum oxide coating in its gloss and its ability to allow the pure look of the wood to shine through, as well as its unmatched resistance to scratches and denting. The Ultra-Fresh element is added to the finish and gives the floor antimicrobial properties that even further protects the wood from breaking down over (lots of) time and protects inhabitants from the sometimes perilous world of the unseen microbe!

Have a ball selection from Lauzon’s huge selection of colors and styles. There’s sure to be more than one you’ll have to choose between.

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