Mirage Wood

Quality. We want it in every aspect of our lives from food to floors. Mirage, a premier supplier of hardwood flooring products, brings just that to the table. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a selection of products of better quality or a company with a bigger commitment to environmental responsibility than Mirage.

First and foremost, if you’re looking for a hardwood flooring supplier that has sustainability and environmental protection at its core, look no further than Mirage. They are the upper crust when it comes to protecting the vital natural resources we have at our disposal as well as utilizing every aspect of the raw materials and recycling.

Mirage has actually put into place several programs and procedures that certainly put action to their claims of an eco-friendly endgame, including using a specialized delivery system that makes sure the wood blocks and cardboard corners used in their packaging are returned to their plant to be used again. They’ve actually reused over 500,000 packages since the start of this program. Not only that, the manufacturing “leftovers” are not scrapped at Mirage. They are used to fuel the boilers of their plants, and some is recycled and used as animal bedding or pellets for fuel.

Mirage also finishes its flooring products with nanotechnology, in the form of Nanolinx™. It’s an incredibly durable coating that is five times more wear-resistant than other types of coatings, has a UV protective element that reduces the effects of direct sunlight on the floor, and is transparent and flexible, allowing the natural beauty and function of the floor shine through.

The hardwood flooring at Mirage comes in three different styles and installation types. There’s glueless or “floating” engineered wood flooring, an engineered product that is glued down, and traditional solid wood planks that are typically nailed down.

Once the method of installation is selected, you can then choose from an amazing array of options including sizes from standard 2 ¼” width up to a wide 5″ planking, colors that range from very dark expresso colors to light blond, natural tones.

Also throw in a hand-scraped, raised pattern option, and your choices are almost endless. Find your vision in their elegant choices.

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