Listone Giordano

Hardwood flooring is a classic way to bring value and luxurious charm to your home or office. It’s been used for generations…and for a good reason. Its longevity and timeless beauty is unparalleled.

The artisans at Listone Giordano have successfully embraced the challenge of taking the benefits of traditional hardwood flooring and creating for us their unique engineered hardwood flooring. It takes the best of nature and technology and produces a product unmatched in looks and use.

Listone Giordano, a company located in Umbria, Italy, with offices all over the world, including Boston, not only provides a functional and beautiful product, but at the heart of their mission is the protection and sustainability of the natural resources they use.

With multiple thousands of acres in areas in Italy, France, and South America, Listone Giordano prides itself on its commitment to replenishing and managing their forests properly to make certain the forests that have painted the beautiful landscape in the respective countries for centuries continue to thrive and produce raw materials for responsible human consumption, the harmonious relationship we should have with our environment. In basic terms, when a tree is taken, one is planted. And the methods and timing of their forestry also protects the ecosystems involved, for a product you can be proud of and confident didn’t come at too high a cost.

For quality and versatility, you don’t need to look further than Listone Giordano. They offer their top of the line hardwood flooring in innumerable combinations of species, finishes, colors and textures, and widths. Most people prefer the durable, highly resistant varnish finish because wood, by nature, is a soft material, and Listone Giordano provides just that. But they are also sensitive to the desires of some to have a more traditional approach and offer some of their products with a simple oil treatment, which can bring out the wood’s amazing, natural beauty unlike any other treatment, but the trade-off is a floor you have to patiently protect day to day.

That’s what’s great about Listone Giordano…they give their customers the options they want. And with the strength of their design and cutting-edge sealants, you can even install a Listone Giordano hardwood floor in a bathroom. Bringing technology and beauty together in a tremendous product you can be proud of for years is what they do.

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