Plantation Hardwood Floors

Plantation Hardwood Floors has a promise: “a beautiful and unique floor, accompanied by a pleasant and professional experience.” This is what everyone’s looking for when they need any product or service. And this is what Plantation delivers. Their unique, custom-order system sets them apart in that they can provide different styles, lengths, and custom features for each customer’s unique needs.

This customer-centric philosophy brings a quality and dedication to the entire process at Plantation. Their factory in California has state-of-the-art machinery to create the basic forms of the hardwood planking, but the things that make Plantation’s finished product so special are the artisans who meticulously apply finishing touches such as detailed handscraping, which gives the floor that old-world, rustic appearance so popular in today’s designs. But because the details are not done by machine, you’re certain to get a truly unique product for your new home or office.

And if green, eco-friendly practices are of primary importance to you, then Plantation Hardwood Floors is a company you can trust in. First, they make certain that the companies from which they receive their raw materials are in compliance with regulations and employ eco-friendly practices. They recycle their scrap and wood “waste” from their manufacturing process by making interesting and unusual flooring alternatives and samples for customers. Also the company only uses stains and finishes that are either water-based or emit no volatile organic compounds into the air. And because the factory is in California, that reduces overseas transportation emissions, and also helps create and keep jobs in the U.S.

Plantation offers a huge selection of colors, styles, and of course offers unique, custom finishing that is only limited by your imagination. They have several collections, including limited edition lines, in addition to their bases for custom orders. They also have a parquet floor offering that can be custom-made for your personal style and tastes. Plantation hardwoods truly are unique and have a striking appearance, from red oaks available in traditional, classic grains, dark chocolate or red/rust tones to striking walnuts in varying levels of the distressed look to smooth, luxurious gloss.

So definitely take a closer look at what Plantation Hardwood Floors has to offer. You won’t find another company that gives its customers such superior quality in custom looks.

To learn more about Plantation Hardwood, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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