Mixed-Up Mosaics

Bold. Brazen. Luxurious. These are some of the words that describe Mixed-Up Mosaics’ large collection of mosaic glass tiles. With big name clients such as the Atlantis in Dubai or the Trump Marina in Atlantic City, you can be confident you will receive the highest quality customer service as well as a product that is unparalleled in authenticity, flavor, and quality.

Mixed-Up Mosaics is a New York City company that is the standard for handmade mosaic stained glass tiles. They’ve got some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, and they strive to keep on the cusp of the latest trends in interior design and tile work.

Mosaic by Mixed-Up MosaicsThe sets of tiles you order from Mixed-Up Mosaics are as unique as you and your business. Each job is custom-ordered and handmade with the exact design specifications laid out from the beginning of the project. You can provide the company with a template and measurements for your space, and they can create a design for you, or you could start with the beautiful templates they already have set up and then tweak the design to meet your needs and taste.

The versatility of the tiled creations from Mixed-Up Mosaics is incredible. You can use their tiles in any number of residential, commercial, or aesthetic settings. You could design a stunning backsplash for the kitchen or bar area, tile the area around a pool or sauna, create unique and dramatic tops for counters, tables, or bar tops, or even add a beautiful wall design to your church or synagogue. The possibilities truly are endless.

Custom Mosaics from Mixed-Up MosaicsYou’ve just got to take a look at this company’s collections, especially in the What’s New Section as of the posting of this article. You can view samples such as their Vanishing Point pattern, that is a wonder of linear “motion.” You can also see the Tiki design with its out-of-square squares and boxes, or the Circles pattern that each throws convention to the wind. Or check out their Plaid or Leopard designs — all made simply with custom cut and colored glass tiles.

So if you have a space that’s screaming for vibrant, unique treatment that will make your home or business stand out in a beautiful, exciting way, you have to consider Mixed-Up Mosaics.

To learn more about Mixed-Up Mosaics, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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