Unique d’Clay

Stunning is the only word that can describe the collections offered by Unique d’Clay. The most visually enticing ceramic clay tiles are what arm d’Clay in exceptional quality and unique style. As their website says, “No two rooms are alike with our exceptional products.” This would certainly be the case. Take a look at their galleries, and you’ll be sold.

The company specializes in ceramic tiles for backsplashes, fireplaces, accent walls, and accents for floors that are individually handmade, custom arranged and glazed to meet your requirements. It’s difficult to describe in words how unique and stylish Unique d’Clay’s products are. You just won’t see them anywhere else — embossed glazed tiles with geometric raised designs, fireplace fronts that are designed to make the square of your fireplace look like it’s at the end of an architectural tunnel (this design’s collection, In motion, really says it all), and curved architectural elements that bring that professional level look everyone is after.

The colors and finishes Unique d’Clay offers are just as striking as the designs of the tiles themselves. Every color of the rainbow, from fiery reds and yellows, to baby pinks and creams, to dark blues, burgundies, and browns. There’s certain to be a color that fits your look to the letter.

And in addition to the colors themselves, you can get tiles with different finishes. The company offers a Soft Matte finish, which mimics the look of the natural stone; a Glossy Bright collection, and their Opulence Glazes choices, which give that rich glow but that isn’t too glossy.

Unique d’Clay not only offers their ceramic products in tiles, but also in borders, edging, moldings, and corners, all the fine details that make a ceramic project have that sharp, quality look. So if you’re going for the old world look, something you’d see in, say, Tuscany, with soft, muted earth tones …or if you want an ultra modern look with angles and positioning that might even raise a few eyebrows, then look no further than Unique d’Clay. And if you’re really not sure what look you want to bring to your new room, with all of their choices, you’ll find yourself in what Unique d’Clay has to offer.

To learn more about Unique d’Clay, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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