Dynamic. That’s the word for Solistone’s amazing lines of stone, glass, and metal wall and floor coverings. This Los Angeles-based company is one of the largest importers/distributors of fine decorative stone that can be used as wall covering and flooring, indoors and out. Their mission, “to provide the highest quality and most exquisite materials the trade has to offer,” is fully realized in their galleries, and you can bring that same quality your home or office.

Solistone’s products are organized into three main categories: Pebbles, Natural Stone, and Distinctive Tiles, and within each of these categories are three to seven collections, each with a unique style.

Within the Distinctive Tile category, you’ll find products such as Glass, Metal, and Mission tiles, to name a few. Also you’ll find the Seychelles collection, which is mosaic made from natural shell material, a product that would look stunning on a bathroom floor, walls, and showers.

In the Natural Stone collection no two products are exactly alike. The splendor of earthiness of the Haisa marble and sandstone will add a unique, rustic feel to any location‚Ķfrom the stacked look of the Portico collection to the nonlinear Versailles Slate collection, there’s certainly a style that would add just the right touch to the space you’re designing. You can use most of these products as mosaic or tile flooring or wall covering for any room, and most can be used for interior or exteriors.

The most distinctive collection, Pebbles, is truly an inspiration. Solistone uses real stones and pebbles and mounts them onto mesh backing for ease of installation. There are natural creek rock colors, blacks, grays, whites, and earth tones. But they also take this Pebble idea and apply it to their glass and metal collections as well. So basically you can have the look of pebble rocks of varying sizes and shapes but in metal, and even colored metal. It’s a truly unique look that will have people amazed as they view your home or office.

So if distinguished, unique, and dazzling are the words you want others to use when describing your new space, then Solistone is your destination. They provide detailed installation suggestions and instructions as well as specific care and maintenance guidelines for their superior and distinctive products. Your look is at your fingertips with Solistone.

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