Trend USA

Trend is a glass and stone company whose name really says it all. This manufacturer and distributor of mosaic tile products takes the art of mosaic and tile décor to a whole new level—”trendy” to say the least. The company was founded in 2000 and since then has grown exponentially. They now have over 700 employees and operate in more than 50 countries, including India, the United States, Australia, and Italy, to name a few. Whether for flooring, table coverings, backsplashes, or pool areas, Trend’s commitment to quality and individuality makes their products the perfect choice for your new project.

The number of raw materials Trend puts to use in beautiful and unique ways is truly inspiring. You can select from tiles in 24K gold, Venetian enamel, recycled glass, and natural stone. They also have amazing engineered materials that are a combination of quartz, granite, and fragmented glass. And it’s not just the use of these materials that makes Trend what they are, it’s the innovative and artistic way they combine and layer these products.

One interesting line they carry is Trend Q, an engineered agglomerate made up of stone, recycled glass, or quartz grit that is mixed with a resin and after a series of processing steps is baked to form a solid, hard product that can come in dozens of different colors and patterns. This product is excellent for flooring or for covering existing surfaces like counter tops or tables. It’s incredibly durable and resistant to stains and scratches.

Trend’s online galleries of mosaic and slab wall coverings, flooring, and surface coverings give you just a hint of the dynamic possibilities you could realize for your space. They have collections reminiscent of classical Greek stonework, ultra modern designs right for any office or home that needs a sleek, trendy look, as well as vibrant colors in traditional mosaic tiling.

You can even let Trend help you design your own custom pieces as well. You can choose combinations of colors and materials that combine to produce your perfect look and feel. Every style you can think of can be created with Trend’s mosaic products in luxurious style and with unique flare, so take a look at Trend and get your groove on.

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