Do you want a truly unique, dramatic accent to your home or office that will be a conversation piece for years to come? Then you’ll want to check out Interlam’s collections of wall veneers. Since 1985, Interlam has been bringing innovative wall covering products to the market. You can choose from ornamental carved or sculpted walls in a variety of different materials, kept to stringent standards of indoor air quality and that use FSC certified fibers.

Can you imagine a panel of stone that seems to undulate like waves? That’s just one option Interlam offers. They organize their panels into several collections, many of which can be customized, even as far as being able to use your own personal digital files to create something that truly no one else in the world would have.

To cover a sampling of what Interlam has to offer, first, there’s wood paneling. Might sound run of the mill, but Interlam does nothing run of the mill. They offer wall panels in melamine-coated exotic hardwoods that are extremely durable and accentuate the dramatic, unique striations that are present in the various wood species.

You can also, believe it or not, also get whole wall panels in natural stone. The creative and unusual designs and ingenious engineering to be able to use this type of material in this manner just cannot be matched. Then there’s the composite Art Diffusion collection, which can be ordered in different geometric designs and patterns as well as rivulets that capture motion in a solid panel.

The Mirage line is truly remarkable. Basically an image is carved from anthracite valchromat (as one example of base material) and applied almost as an embossed image. Using a stark black and white contrast, the “embossed” image can only be seen as a person backs up and away from the wall. Up close, it looks perhaps like abstract, random designs, but as the distance increases, an amazing image becomes apparent.

You can even provide Interlam a graphic file, and they can make one of these masterpieces of even a person’s photograph. A great place to install one of these panel creations is where people can walk up close to the wall as well as see it from a significant distance. So all this to say, the options are endless; take a look at Interlam’s galleries and let your imagination go wild!

To learn more about Interlam, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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