CR Studio 4

CR Studio 4, a family owned and operated business from Southern California, is a place where integrity and dedication to craftsmanship prevail. In this day and age, machine-made products and assembly-line mentality have become commonplace, but with this shift, the spiritual and truly individual beauty of the products for our homes and offices is often lost. But not with CR Studio 4. If you want a touch of artistry for your new project, then look no further.

The company offers basically two different styles of tile: stone and metal. Within those categories lie ceramics, granite, marble, bronze, and pewter. All of CR Studio 4’s tiles are handmade and crafted. And they do all of their own designing, mold-making, casting, bench and foundry work. When you have a CR Studio 4 product, you know you have something unique. The different styles and materials can be used in pretty much any combination, depending on your vision.

Studio 4’s various products can bring a unique flare to your wall or accent your floor. Their products are used as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, showers, or even office walls. The only place Studio 4’s products are limited are in your imagination. They not only have the basic tile pieces, but they also provide stunning trim, moldings, rail caps, and deco accent tiles and murals that add that finishing touch of class. They even have an amazing decorative threshold piece in pewter that stylishly connects one type of flooring to another.

Color selection at Studio 4 is just as varied and eclectic as its styles. From their metal line, Pewter is a gorgeous metal that has depth of color with varying shades of gray and black, adding texture and old-world charm. Though color varies in the metal, the Bronze line has a copper-type look, and depending on wear and exposure can darken over time. If you like that look, great, but you can also restore the brighter color and shine by buffing with some soap and water and a ScotchBrite pad.

You can also choose stone tiles in colors like Lemon Pesto or Rusty Matte or Silver Snow, just to name a few. Basically take the rainbow, soften the colors, and you have the palette that Studio 4 provides.

So to make your everyday living spaces glow by installing the luxury and artistry of CR Studio 4’s amazing products.

To learn more about CR Studio 4, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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