Bois Chamois

If you envision a truly old-world, vintage look for your new room in your home or office, than Bois Chamois is a perfect match for your vision. This company specializes in providing top-quality French white oak hardwood flooring, and they do it in a rich, traditional style that will make your new floor a centerpiece of conversation, and will certainly be unlike the “standard” hardwood flooring seen in homes and offices around your community.

What makes Bois Chamois unique and so brilliant is the classic, traditional methods and treatments used on their hardwood flooring selections. The planks are distressed, which creates a well-used, rustic worn appearance that so many people are after today. Unlike manufactured boards, the scarring and surface marks you see are produced without repetition, and the boards’ edges are irregular as well, which accentuates the distressed look. Bois Chamois’ hardwood flooring takes your room back in time, but because of their technical expertise and precision milling, the flooring has perfect tongue and groove fit, making installation and maintenance easy.

Bois Chamois offers their hardwoods with a variety of parameters. All of their hardwood planking is kiln dried, and if color is ordered, then the boards are “fumed” with color, which allows the color to permeate the thickness of each board with their rich, natural, handcrafted colors. So the first detail to decide on is color. Bois Chamois provides a palette of colors to choose from, which includes dark, red tones with choices such as “New America Rosso,” midtone browns and tans with “Antique Metal Brass,” all the way to what they call “Stonewashed ” or “Shabby White.” You can even select natural oak with no color or finish. There’s certainly a color that will set the tone for your look.

Once you’ve decided on color, you can then decide on formatting of the hardwood flooring planks. Bois Chamois can provide custom widths up to seven inches. The boards can also be finished with oil or wax. A wax finish is easy to maintain. After the initial waxing and buffing, you just need to annually (more or less often depending on traffic) and buff to a shine. The oil finish is a bit more involved at installation, but is maintained by cleaning with a simple soap mixture. Both methods help to permeate and protect color if it has been applied as well as works as a barrier to moisture.

Bois Chamois is the standard in vintage, traditional hardwood flooring.

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