Plynyl by Chilewich

Plynyl is truly an American success story with a couple of funny twists.

After years of working with textiles, Sandy Chilewich, in 2000, launched her line of distinctive vinyl-textile products, which include flooring in the form of textured vinyl floor mats, wall-to-wall floor covering, and floor tiles.

Joe Sultan, Sandy’s husband, sold a successful NY architectural firm to take a more vested interesting in managing the company after he created cushion for the w2w line that could be bonded to the vinyl-textile material and made suitable for commercial use. Interestingly, Joe’s family business had been textiles when he was a kid, and as his bio states, “…after a thirty-three-year interlude as an architect, Joe is back in a family business selling textiles.”

So what is Plynyl? It’s basically vinyl flooring but again, with a twist…literally. It’s woven to provide texture and various styles, but it keeps the durability and versatility as a floor covering. The w2w line is a woven, vinyl fabric bonded to a soft polyurethane cushion.

The textured flooring easy to install and maintain and is stain and water resistant. This product is also easy to install. It just takes a simple glue-down process and can be installed on top of various subfloors. Plynyl w2w is great for any commercial setting, and the Microban antimicrobial protection added makes it superb for schools, hospitals, restaurants, and more.

The tile version of the Plynyl product is also made of woven vinyl fabric, but is different in that it is bonded to a heavy-duty vinyl backing reinforced with a nonwoven ceramic mesh. Tiles are 18″ square and can be laid in any pattern desired, all in one direction, in a “basket weave,” quarter-turned or even other patterns. Installation is a breeze as well. The tiles are glued down with a “releasable” adhesive that makes replacing portions of the flooring quick and easy. And no seam sealer is required.

These two vinyl flooring products are Green Label Plus certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute, which speaks to the fact that Plynyl is a product that protects indoor air quality by mandating low VOC products. The resilient, functional nature of Chilewich’s Plynyl products makes them the perfect solution for any room, residential or commercial, that needs to have a bit of a cushion, unmatched durability, ease of maintenance, and a dynamic, distinctive look.

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