The Beauty of Interlam Wall Coverings

If you are a homeowner who truly takes pride in a unique home, you will definitely want to consider Interlam Wall Coverings. These unique, assertive, and artistic creations are not for shy violets. These wall coverings are only for the choosy homeowner who wants to stand out from the other homes on the street.

For those of you who are first time homebuyers, you will surely want to put your own stamp on the home, your new place to call your own. If you are an experienced homeowner with many years in your home, a wall covering from Interlam can help to perk up a tired interior.

Interlam Wall Coverings & VeneersInterlam’s collections of wall veneers have been beautifying homes since 1985. Interlam has been working tirelessly since then to provide you with only the most innovative and exciting ways to remodel a home’s walls. During your browsing, you can select from ornamental carved or sculpted walls that come in many different materials — all that stay within high standards of indoor air quality and use only FSC certified fibers. This means that it’s safer for not just you, but all of your future guests and residents.

Instead of choosing something as boring and mundane as paint, why not choose a stone wall covering that seems to undulate like waves? Or, instead of settling on a pattern made out of paper (i.e., wallpaper), why not choose a pattern that looks like an optical illusion? Perhaps you like the look and feel of wood paneling. While this, to many, can seem like a throwback to the ‘70s, it sure isn’t when it’s done by Interlam. This company sells wall panels in melamine-coated exotic hardwoods that are durable and accentuate only the dramatic variations that wood presents.

Another option available is entire wall panels in natural stone. This is a new and exciting way to use this type of wall covering, not seen before. You can also choose the composite Art Diffusion collection, which come in many geometric designs and patterns that seem to move and shift to the naked eye.

With the many different collections available from Interlam Wall Coverings, there are sure to be something that fits your tastes. You’ll never want to leave home again.

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To learn more about Interlam, please contact one of our design consultants at 1-800-764-1633.

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